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Do PERMANENT Hair removal, totally painlessly!!!!

Full back hair removal in 7 minutes!!! Yes 7 minutes from beginning to end!!!

The Asclepion range of laser machines manufactured in Germany uses world leading technology, producing Top quality lasers for use in the Beauty and Medical Industry.

If you as a Salon owner are serious about increasing your profit margins as well as offering fast, efficient and easy to perform treatments – this is the only machine to consider.

The Diode laser does – Permanent Hair removal, Acne treatments, Skin Rejuvenation – including Brightening and Pigmentation as well as Vascular treatments. All this in one machine!

It can also do Light hair and be used on Dark skin using the Alexandrite laser attachment.

Spa’s/Salons cannot be without this amazing German Technology laser.

All machines sold include full training and back up service.

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  1. While I still have a long way to go before I m completely finished with my specific laser hair removal plan, I ve already noticed a tremendous difference. Not only does my facial hair grow back more slowly than it ever did in the past, but it s also thinner and less noticeable. All in all, I m confident that it was the right decision for me. So yes, if you re a woman of color, you

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